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Even before NAFTA, Mexico's off-shore assembly program was the fastest growing sector of the national economy. Today, thousands of companies manufacture and assemble a myriad of products—from circuit boards to cars, from medical supplies to processed foods. The maquiladora program continues to offer outstanding opportunities as foreign companies realize the advantages of doing business in Mexico.

Valencia International has the logistical infrastructure, experience, and powerful networks of shipping partners to open these opportunities to you. Our expertise extends to multiple areas of industrial production, including:

  • Electrical assembly
  • Textile, automotive and furniture manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Mining
  • Food processing, (including seafood, cattle and pork)

As the Mexican economy continues to grow and diversify, and its government liberalizes privatization laws, Valencia International stands to facilitate your access to these burgeoning industrial markets. Whatever your interest may be, we have years of experience and invaluable advice to offer you.

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